Chicken Kicks Poisonous Strike – Great Fighting Technique with High Damage

 Chicken fights poison  known as a powerful fighting style unique to certain fighting cocks. It is known as a one-hit kill technique for opponents when confronting these divine chickens. Let’s 789BET Find out more information about fighting style and how to identify cock breeds that have the ability to fight poisonous blows.

Chicken fighting techniques with poisonous and dangerous moves

Currently, learning about poisonous fighting cocks is an important aspect that cockfighting monks are focusing on and researching. The goal is to identify cocks capable of using dangerous, powerful attacks to quickly defeat opponents.

Summary of the most popular cock fighting positions

That’s a kick

It is one of the dangerous attacks, causing serious injury to the opponent. This stance focuses on attacking the face and ear area with powerful kicks. This leads to dizziness, temporary blindness, and facial damage.

Marquis kick position

This is one of the dangerous attack techniques in cockfighting, focusing on the opponent’s hypopharyngeal area. In this situation, Chicken fights poison will use its beak to bite down or kick directly into the area below the opponent’s neck, causing serious damage.

Kicking position with extremely strong damage

The kicking position

The shooting kick position, also known as the throwing kick position, belongs to the list of ultimate techniques Chicken fights poison  Dangerous, with a high element of surprise. When performing this attack, the opponent will often be surprised and lose balance, making it difficult to respond immediately. The shooting kick technique is performed by focusing on attacking the opponent’s face and neck area. Usually done when the opponent is running away or has an opening.

Stone position

This belongs to the list of positions Chicken fights poison  Highly appreciated by fighting cockfighting experts, focusing on attacking the opponent’s hair area. Then, rely on the fulcrum to perform a kick to the neck. The sharp kicks in cockfighting matches have the ability to cause pain, dislocate joints, break bones and even knock down the opponent when attacked by this poisonous kick.

Instructions on how to correctly identify a cock fighting poisonous blows

Fighting cocks possessing poisonous kicks do not always show special attacking abilities, so it takes a long time to recognize them. Below are ways for cock masters to find cock masters who possess poisonous and dangerous kicks to take care of and train.

How to recognize a god cock that possesses a unique fighting style

Learn about the origin of chicken

The way to identify is through the origin of the cock, which is applied by many experts. If the parents of a fighting cock already possess excellent fox moves, then their children are also likely to inherit special unique fighting styles. So before buying these Chicken fights poison , dangerous, you should learn carefully about the background and fighting ability of their parents.


External characteristics

Another method to identify dangerous fighting chickens is based on the chicken’s external body characteristics such as:

  • The chickens have a triangular head, with a large head bone resembling the image of a hawk or peacock, often showing aggression and good physical strength.
  • About chicken scales, the ones Chicken fights poison There are special types of scales such as the scales of the land, the scales of the dragon, and the scales of sandals that are often considered to be able to perform extremely good fox or poison attacks.
  • If you see a cock with black and white spurs, along with the position of the scales is also an important factor to determine whether the cock is capable of performing poisonous kicks.

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