Drain Camera Inspections Save You Money

When your sewer backs up, a drain or sewer camera inspection can help identify where the issue lies and save you money on unnecessary plumbing repairs.

This plumbing service involves attaching a waterproof camera to a cable. This service can quickly identify clogs and leaks without the need for digging, making a Brooklyn drain and sewer camera inspection an invaluable service. Aside from quicker results, other benefits to consider for using such inspection include.


An advanced drain camera inspection involves having a plumber insert a flexible rod equipped with a high-resolution video camera into your pipes, where it will flex to get around bends while transmitting live video back to a monitor. This enables them to accurately assess the condition of your pipelines without digging up floors or pulling down walls.

This non-invasive approach to plumbing maintenance means lower costs for you, plus faster results than trying to guess at what might be ailing your pipes.

One cost-cutting advantage of camera surveillance is its ability to identify issues which could become costly problems later. Tree roots are one of the primary culprits behind sewer line damage and blockages; plumbers can use the camera to detect where these roots have infiltrated your pipes before taking corrective action – potentially saving thousands in repairs in the process.


Many don’t realize it, but sewage can be a serious health risk, polluting living spaces with disease-causing pathogens and pathogens that contaminate them with harmful pathogens and disease. That is why it is imperative to keep drain lines and sewer systems running smoothly and prevent future problems with drain lines and sewer systems.

Drain camera inspections can reveal not only blockages in your drain and sewer lines but also their age and condition, helping you plan repairs before any major problems arise. Knowing your pipe’s age and status allows you to plan ahead for repairs as they arise – helping prevent major repairs from being needed altogether!

Your plumber will insert a flexible rod equipped with a high-resolution video camera into your pipes and record footage live as it travels along. These cameras can see around bends, sharp turns and junctions to quickly identify where there are issues.

Our experts use cutting-edge technology to quickly identify any issues in your line without digging up and damaging the surrounding property, then use this information to make less invasive repairs; sometimes even spot repairs are possible in instances where entire lines were once being replaced.

Faster Diagnosis

Drain and sewer lines are essential in providing waste removal from your home, but they can become compromised through tree roots, debris build-up, flushed paper towels or wet wipes, or simply due to age. In order to detect potential issues before they cause clogs or leaks in your drain or sewer lines, regular camera inspections of both are highly recommended.

Plumbing professionals can use drain cameras to gain an in-depth view of what’s happening inside your pipes, then remotely control them to identify issues such as clogs, misalignment or broken pipes, leaks and more. This allows them to pinpoint where problems exist while also making informed decisions regarding repair options available to them.

Drain cameras can be inserted into your pipes through various entry points. Your plumber may prefer using either a hand-held or reel drain inspection camera depending on the circumstance of your drain system.

Saves You Money

Clogged pipes, broken sewer lines or leaks can be costly issues to deal with; but with a drain camera inspection you can identify any potential issues early and fix them before they worsen.

Recurring drain clogs that won’t go away could be an indicator of more serious issues underlying. A leaky sewer line may cause basement flooding as well as foul-smelling puddles on the ground; drain cameras will locate its source so a plumber can offer long-term fixes or repairs to address it accurately and reliably.

To locate broken or clogged pipes, plumbers would typically have to dig trenches alongside your pipes – this method was time consuming, costly, and destructive to your yard. Now with drain and sewer camera inspection, however, plumbers can identify problems without damaging lawns; saving both money on emergency repairs as well as potential future issues down the line.