Facebook vs. Instagram Advertising

Traditional advertising, such as newspapers, billboards, and magazines, has lost the war to digital advertising. So, what type of digital advertising should you use? The obvious answer is “social media.” Still, what social media platforms should you use? Every platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook and Instagram, obviously, are the most powerful players. So, what are their differences, and how to use each to get the most benefit? Additionally, incorporating a QR code generator into your social media advertising strategy can provide a convenient way for users to quickly access your website or product information.

Facebook vs. Instagram

For a long time, Facebook was the only social platform worth advertising on, and nobody really looked at Instagram as a place to advertise. Nowadays, things have changed enormously, and Instagram is a formidable platform. In fact, it might be more expensive today to promote on Instagram than to advertise on Facebook.


When it comes to advertising, Facebook is the place to be. Facebook has the biggest number of active users worldwide (2.934 billion). It is the most established platform, founded in 2004, and it’s still going strong 18 years later. So, how to make the most out of Facebook?

Use your personal profile. Of course, you don’t want to come across as a salesperson to your family members, friends, and relatives, but you can use your profile as a place to advocate for your business and increase brand awareness.

This is especially beneficial because Facebook limits the reach of public pages but doesn’t do that to personal profiles. Do not turn your profile into a Bazar, but make sure everyone is at least aware of your business and your latest updates.

Another great advantage Facebook has is groups. Groups are a great way to advertise: thanks to them, you can create something like a tribe for yourself and your business. In a group, your advertising will be a lot more effective.

First, people there have at least a basic interest in what you offer, saving you the trouble of advertising for people who aren’t interested. Second, your group members will do the advertising for you if they post about their experiences with your product or service.

After all, the most effective advertisement is “social proof.” It is a basic principle in psychology: when people see that other people have had good experiences with your service, they will be more convinced to jump on the bandwagon.


Of all social media platforms, Instagram has witnessed the biggest change over the years. It started as a photo editing app and later became a photo-sharing app. Now, it’s become one of the most powerful, well-rounded social media platforms. How to take full advantage of Instagram?

Instagram is the best platform for connecting people based on shared interests; hashtags and location tags connect people with similar attractions and places. You can use Instagram to advertise to the type of people who would be interested in what you have to offer, and you can use it for advertising to people living or visiting your area.

Much of Instagram’s power comes from its demographics. The platform is well known for having a huge user base of the young generation. In recent statistics, 17% of teenagers stated that Instagram is their most important social media platform, and 90% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. In addition, Instagram users are mostly females, and it’s known that women are more likely to purchase than men.

What sets Instagram apart from competitor social media platforms is its focus on visual culture; it’s the artsiest and most polished platform. Instagram favors visual content, especially reels and stories, and its users expect to be enchanted by visuals, and its algorithm promotes such content. So, you can always bet on a visually-satisfying story to win Instagram’s game. To do this easily, you can use an Instagram story maker to get the job done easily and professionally.


For effective advertising, you should invest more in digital channels, mainly Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms are great for advertising, as both have a lot of users and are popular worldwide.

Each platform is unique, with its advantages and disadvantages. Facebook has more mature members, and it feels more family-like. Instagram has younger members and feels more polished, artsy, and visual. As long as you cater to the nuanced differences between the two platforms, both can upscale your advertising game.