Handyman Services Contractors Can Offer

Many states impose licensing requirements for contractors and handymen, with licensing typically determined by maximum labor/material dollar amounts as well as insurance requirements.

When undertaking projects that require extensive plumbing work, professional plumbers should be hired. Handymen should steer clear of projects which touch sewer lines or septic tanks.

Spring Cleaning

As temperatures warm up, homeowners usually begin a spring cleaning program in their home to rid it of build-up dirt, dust, and debris. Although spring cleaning can be tedious, regular spring cleaning visits should be scheduled as it has many important benefits. Handymen offer professional spring cleaning services for convenient solutions.

Drywall installation is another popular handyman service. An experienced professional should find it relatively straightforward, while it also increases insulation value in homes, making them more energy-efficient.

Finally, handymen often perform exterior home cleaning services to reduce moisture damage, including clearing away leaves from gutter drains, washing exterior windows, scrubbing outdoor furniture and items and more.

Maintaining an up-to-date list of services offered is essential to building a thriving handyman business. By keeping this list handy when creating quotes for clients, Jobber allows you to upload and save it so it’s always within reach.


Painting can be an extensive project that involves extensive preparation work such as covering floors and furniture, cleaning walls and windows, patching cracks and dings in walls and windows, priming and taping surfaces before priming and painting baseboards and trim as well as doors. Handymen typically charge between $2-4 per square foot depending on the extent of work required.

Handymen provide essential maintenance for doors and screens: door installations/repairs/maintenance; screen installations/maintenance/upkeep and deck staining services. Regularly scheduling this basic maintenance helps extend their lifespan while keeping outdoor spaces looking their best.

If you decide to specialize in one or more niche services, make sure they’re prominently displayed on your website and marketed to potential customers. For instance, if your focus lies in providing upgrades such as aging-in-place and babyproofing upgrades, be sure to highlight this fact on marketing materials so you stand out among competitors. And don’t forget to add painter and other contractors as contractors covered under your insurance policy in case an incident occurs!

Installing Storage Solutions

Handymen offer clients numerous home storage solutions, from garage shelving and closet systems to space-saving solutions such as garage racking. In addition, they can rehang doors that have become misaligning over time or damaged over time, replace doorknobs and deadbolts, as well as install smart devices like thermostats or doorbell sensors.

Handymen provide services to repair or replace kitchen faucets, cabinets, lighting fixtures and other items within their client’s home. While DIY projects may be possible to complete in this regard, sometimes professional help is best to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Handymen services professionals also offer flooring installation for clients’ homes, including vinyl, hardwood and tile. Installation requires careful measurement and installation so as to avoid crooked layouts or wasted space. In addition to installation services, handymen are also skilled at replacing or repairing carpets when frequent traffic scuffs the surface, replacing or repairing them as necessary – and often for an affordable fee!

Backyard Structures

Many homeowners are turning to backyard structures like pergolas and gazebos as an easy and appealing way to add entertaining and relaxing areas outside their homes. From dining to seating arrangements or hanging drapery for shade from the sun, these backyard structures provide attractive and versatile solutions.

A pergola is a freestanding structure, usually arched but sometimes flat, that is used to support climbing vines and flowers. A pergola can help define an outdoor area or walkway or highlight an entranceway of your home while simultaneously supporting climbing vines and flowers.

Handyman services contractors offer comprehensive home projects and repairs services, from small to medium scale repairs. Their expertise covers everything from simple fixes to more extensive home projects that most people lack the time, skill, or motivation to do themselves – and come equipped with all necessary tools!