Landscaping Oakville – Why You Should Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Charlie Kerrigan launched his business in April 2016, making rounds door to door with a lawnmower. From day one, it became evident of his dedication to customer satisfaction and his success quickly followed suit.

Landscaping Oakville execute landscape designs created by architects, designers or homeowners for lawns, gardens and hardscaping projects. Additionally, they offer maintenance services like mowing, fertilizing and weed control.

Pool Design

Homeowners in Halton Region who dream of installing a backyard pool often want to take it one step further by designing an exquisite pool landscape around it. Professional pool landscape designers can help them turn their dream backyard entertainment oasis into reality by using elements from their property to craft an eye-catching centrepiece which complements and complements the swimming pool itself.

Recent trends in pool and landscape design indicate a trend away from sharp angles towards more organic designs with natural forms that mimic nature, such as “freeform” pools that mimic lake or pond curves.

When selecting a swimming pool contractor for your backyard paradise, it is vital to do extensive research. Read reviews, request customer references and meet with prospective Oakville swimming pool builders face to face until you find one who understands and shares your aesthetic – this way you know they will provide quality work that lasts over time.


Landscaping requires trees as essential elements, providing shade, beauty and value to any property they adorn while even helping reduce energy costs by blocking sunlight from coming into a house. But choosing the best tree may prove difficult – there are various factors such as yard size, soil conditions and climate to take into account before selecting an ideal specimen for your landscape design.

Finding the ideal trees for your garden begins by understanding your goals for planting them. Your choice should complement existing landscape elements and meet any other plants on the property, such as producing fruit or flowers or providing privacy.

Houzz offers an ideal resource to find the ideal landscaping service provider for your project – its Professionals section lets you view photos of landscapes that inspire. Plus, search by location or customer reviews!

Natural Stone

Charlie Kerrigan launched his business in April 2016, initially by using a push mower and knocking on doors to find landscaping work. Soon enough he recognized that his passions for nature and creative service could come together into one successful endeavor.

Natural stone from Oakville can provide an eco-friendly solution when building patios, walkways, pool surrounds or seat walls in your landscaping project. Not only is this material low maintenance but its timeless appearance ensures its appeal as part of any backyard oasis.

Carefree Lawn Center carries an impressive selection of Oakville stone products that are ethically sourced and produced with sustainability in mind, from quarry to final product in your home. Precision cutting ensures minimal thickness variance for optimal thickness variation control; and this company strives to offer unsurpassed service, which sets them apart in their industry.

Landscaping Maintenance

If you lack an affinity for gardening, hiring a professional landscaping service will ensure your garden stays looking fantastic all year long. They may even save both money and energy by creating low maintenance designs which are eco-friendly.

Landscaping companies in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga offer lawn and garden services for both residential and commercial properties. Their experienced teams can deliver a full spectrum of lawn maintenance plans from small backyard landscaping projects all the way up to comprehensive plans for large office complexes.

When hiring a landscaping company, make sure to inquire about fees and services provided. Also consider tipping your landscaper up to 15% as a sign of appreciation for their hard work; they will appreciate this gesture and may provide better services in future.