Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4: A Recap of the Drama and Intrigue on W9 Replay

Reality TV has taken the world by storm, with viewers tuning in to watch their favorite shows and characters. One of France’s most popular reality TV shows is Les Marseillais, which follows the lives of a group of friends from Marseille as they navigate love, friendship, and drama. In 2015, the show expanded to include a competition between Les Marseillais and another popular French reality TV show, Le Reste du Monde (The Rest of the World). The result was Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde, a battle between two teams that has captivated audiences for years.

In 2019, Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde returned for its fourth season, and fans were eager to see what drama would unfold. Luckily, those who missed out on the action can now catch up on W9 replay. Let’s take a closer look at the latest season and all the drama that unfolded.

The Format

Before we dive into the drama, let’s first understand the format of Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4. The show features two teams: Les Marseillais and Le Reste du Monde. Each team is made up of reality TV stars from various French shows, with iconic characters like Jessica Thivenin and Nikola Lozina representing Les Marseillais and Julien Tanti and Maeva Ghennam representing Le Reste du Monde.

The teams compete in challenges to earn points, with the losing team facing an elimination round. The winning team gets to choose one member from the losing team to eliminate, keeping the drama high and tensions even higher. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins.

The Drama

Now that we know the format, it’s time to dive into the drama. Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4 had no shortage of it, with fights, romance, and backstabbing galore.

One of the most talked-about moments of the season was the arrival of former Les Marseillais cast member Carla Moreau. Carla had left the show after a tumultuous relationship with Julien Tanti, but returned as a guest. Her arrival brought up old tensions and sparked jealousy from some of the other female cast members. But the drama didn’t stop there.

Jessica Thivenin, one of the most popular cast members of Les Marseillais, also found herself at the center of drama. She had a tumultuous relationship with fellow cast member Thibault Garcia, which played out on camera. The two eventually broke up, leading to even more drama and tension between the two teams.

But it wasn’t just romantic drama that kept fans tuning in. There were plenty of fights and arguments between the teams, with insults and accusations thrown around freely. One memorable moment was when Les Marseillais team member Greg Yega accused Le Reste du Monde’s Maeva Ghennam of being fake and manipulative, leading to a heated argument and even physical altercations.

Of course, no reality TV show is complete without some romance. Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4 featured its fair share of hookups and breakups. Cast members like Kevin Guedj and Hillary Vanderosieren had an on-again, off-again romance that was filled with drama, while others like Nacca and Eloïse Appelle formed unexpected connections.

The Winners

In the end, only one team could come out on top. After weeks of challenges and eliminations, the winner of Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4 was… Les Marseillais! The team took home the trophy and bragging rights, leaving Le Reste du Monde to lick their wounds and plan for their next attempt.


Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde 4 was another highly entertaining season of French reality TV. With a format that keeps the drama high and tensions higher, it’s no wonder that fans tune in week after week. If you missed out on the latest season, be sure to catch up on W9 replay to see all the fights, romance, and drama that unfolded. Who knows what the future holds for these iconic reality TV shows, but one thing is for sure: the drama will never stop.