Which Baby Graced The Cover Of The First Issue Of Tv Guide Magazine In 1953

TV Guide Magazine is one of America’s oldest and most popular magazines, having debuted in 1953. It is known for its iconic covers featuring celebrities and other personalities from the world of television and entertainment. The first issue of the magazine featured a baby on the cover, and the story behind this special edition is an interesting one.

The First Issue of TV Guide Magazine

The first issue of TV Guide Magazine was published in 1953, and it quickly became a popular source of information about the emerging world of television. The magazine was created by Walter Annenberg and launched with the help of his son, Leonard. It was published in Philadelphia and distributed throughout the United States. The magazine was filled with news and reviews about television shows, as well as information about upcoming programming.

The 1953 Cover Baby

The cover of the first issue of TV Guide Magazine featured a baby, which was chosen to represent the innocence and potential of the new medium of television. The baby on the cover was actually the son of a Philadelphia-based television producer, and his name was Michael Jacobson. He was just two weeks old at the time of the cover shoot and was chosen for his "precocious" expressions. Michael’s parents were paid for his appearance on the cover, and the magazine became a hit with readers.

Michael Jacobson went on to have a successful career in television production, and the magazine he graced the cover of remained popular for decades. The magazine is still published today, though it is now primarily an online publication.

The first issue of TV Guide Magazine was a huge success, and it is still fondly remembered by many television fans. The baby featured on the cover of the first issue, Michael Jacobson, went on to have a successful career in television production. He will always be remembered as the baby who graced the cover of the first issue of TV Guide Magazine.

In 1953, the future of television and the world of entertainment was revolutionized with the debut of the first issue of TV Guide Magazine. Featuring a timeless image of a baby girl, the aptly nicknamed “Laughing Baby” became the iconic face of the first issue. The image of the laughing baby on the magazine’s cover was an instant hit, and soon grew to become one of the most recognizable television images of the era.

The story of the baby’s origins began when TV Guide Magazine sent out a call for a baby model to their local Philadelphia area photography studios. Roy Crosier, an experienced commercial photographer, was the first to present a little starlet named Dorothy McGuire. Dorothy accepted the role and accompanied Crosier to the studio in order to be photographed. After an entire day of work, the “Laughing Baby” image was born.

The image was chosen by photographers, editors and television executives from a series of pictures, each featuring Dorothy and her baby brother. Amongst all the choices, the editors unanimously selected the pictured of Dorothy as the cover for the premier issue of TV Guide Magazine.

The magazine was an immediate success, with copies flying off the newsstands days after its release. Maintaining its reputation and magic, the “Laughing Baby” continued on to grace the covers of future issues in a variety of formats.

Today, this iconic image serves as a reminder of TV Guide Magazine’s humble beginnings, and a testament to the magazine’s lasting and influential impact on the television and entertainment industry. Dorothy McGuire, and her unforgettable image of the “Laughing Baby”, will remain treasured in the history and memory of television forever.